When it Rains on Saturday

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It is Saturday and I just finished a shoot. It is so early and the day is ahead. I could do a million things, but the weather is pulling me to do my favorite thing. It is raining. When it rains, I get a strong urge to search for good finds. Books, vinyls, and film cameras. On a Saturday at any thrift shop or garage sale across the U.S., you can be sure to find any of the three thrown in between piles of pastel afghan's and stacks of assorted Correlle ware. Today, I found a nice looking Nikon FG.  $25.00 if it works. Johnny told me I could bring it back if it doesn't. I came home and cleaned her up. Put in two new 1.5s and started to shoot. This summer, the kids stretch between LA and FLA  with a stop in NY in between, so with no subjects around, I grabbed my tripod and began to shoot their stuff, instead. It was so peaceful and no one told me to get lost. More re-creation than recreation. Tiny little movies were being turned on and off in my head. The wheres and the whens and the looks on their faces rolled with the film in my camera.

The FG works great with a spot meter. The camera meter does not work - so I lost some shots. I went back and got them.  Thankfully, stuff doesn't move as fast as kids do and stuff never grows up on us, either. 

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Next, I had to go back and photograph Johnny. He's a talented blues artist who gave it up for a jealous wife. He has a great face and if you look in his eyes you can see all the music stuck inside of him.