A League of Their Own: Women of the NFL

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A League of Their Own: Reaching out to the Women of the NFL


Cynthia Zordich, co-author of When The Clock Runs Out and NFLPE contributing author is collecting stories, quotes, questions and concerns of current and former NFL wives, girlfriends, moms, daughters and all women of influence in the player's life. 

Zordich is working in conjunction with NFL Player Engagement in producing an all inclusive resource guidebook addressing such topics as emotional pressures, challenges and expectations, financial security, legal issues, safety and security, domestic, health, nutrition, education, career counseling, family counseling, transitioning, retirement, and benefits.

Within the past 6 months NFL Player Engagement has launched the Women's Resource Initiative.

Troy Vincent, the NFL's senior vice president of player engagement, says women are the most influential person in the athlete's life cycle — from the first time a player steps on the field until retirement. And Vincent is working to recognize women for the important roles they play in the daily personal and professional lives of players and their families.The purpose of  the Women's Resource Initiative is to empower the women with resources that will positively impact all NFL lives. ROB MAADDI: NEW NFL INITIATIVE AIMED TOWARD INVOLVING WOMEN May. 17 5:11 

"We want to ensure that our athletes and the women in their lives are informed and are able to access the resources, tools and benefits that are available to them, their family members and their local community," adds Vincent. "In most households, studies show the woman is the primary decision-maker and a key influence, so we want a more formal and consistent platform to engage this audience."

Zordich is asking all league women, past and present to contribute their experiences to the project. "Whether a precautionary tale, success story, present concerns, fears, questions, complaints or opinion, I believe we can all learn from our varying experiences and unique perspectives," explains Zordich, wife of former NFL veteran and coach Michael Zordich. "Our goal is to introduce the concept of the NFL Power Couple to the women, provoking them to consider personal and professional goals, encouraging them to dive into resources that the league has made available with their future success in mind."

Submissions will be incorporated into the resource guidebook with possible future uses on the NFL Player Engagement website and future productions.  To Contribute fill out the submission form below and click submit.