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"What do you do with the rest of your life - when you can no longer do what you were born to do?" RP WOLFLEY

Through one-on-one interviews, archival photographs, and evocative photo portraits, this collection explores the bittersweet stories of some of the NFL’s most famous men, including: Mike Ditka, Rocky Bleier, Ron Wolfley, Chuck Bednarik, Hollywood Henderson, Ron Jaworski, Ronnie Lott, Dan Reeves, Ray Rhodes, and Pat Summerall.

Football is more than just a sport, it is a way of life. From the grittiness of practice and strategy sessions to the thrill of game days and the power of cheering crowds, football is the glue that holds a professional player's life together. But what happens when you have to face life after football? What happens when the cheering stops?

"Some of them think themselves forever young, forever able to tackle and block and run, not only indestructible but immortal.

Some of them are bright and actually informed about things beyond football.

What they all have in common is that one day they will be separated from the game, and when that umbilical is cut their pain will be far more intense than they ever imagined. They may or may not be ready for it.  Likely, the latter.  Many teams offer career counseling, but help really ought to begin the day the player signs his contract.

One of the things this book is intended to do is serve as a precautionary tale for those still to come, from those who have already made the trip.

What follows are visits with those who have let go and who have lived to tell about it.  They spin war stories.  They speak, with candor, what they went through when they retired from the game.  Their wives do the same.

What this really is, at heart, is a love story.

Because whatever may have befallen them, good or bad, they cannot, any of them, imagine their lives without the game."

"I am pleased to announce that When the Clock Runs Out is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle as both an audio book and an ebook. It has been a long lasting commitment of mine to bring to light this subject of 'letting go." 

I am so honored to include a new story in the ebook version - that of my dear friend and teammate of my husband's, Kevin Turner, now battling ALS. Once again, Bill Lyon, a warrior in his own right, has spun a gripping story of crushing blows and the battle of a lifetime in... First Man In: The Kevin Turner Story. " Cynthia Zordich

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