In the last 6 years I have been aware of an energy that takes place in women. An energy that I have most recently named Full Blown. I did not find the term in a book. I did not Google® it. Nobody told me about it. I just knew it was right!

First, I experienced it and then I watched and counted as I saw others go through it. My friend once declared, "In a reoccurring daydream, I'm in a crowded room with hundreds of women. I'm lifted above them and I'm looking for another head up in the crowd. Does anyone feel like me…anyone???? " THAT is Full Blown. By chance she and I actually went through this together. For this period of our lives, we were physically and spiritually connected. It was necessary for our survival.

Full Blown by the dictionary definition is having or displaying all the characteristics necessary for completeness. We have discovered that at the height of reaching that completeness there is a point in a women's life when the girl inside muscles her way back into the life of the women in order to awaken the spirit and soul. It is a final burst of indescribable energy.

Her self-defined purpose depends greatly on the life of the woman and the choices she has made thus far. For the woman who has deserted her adolescent dreams-- it is a reminder. For the woman who has been stifled all her life by forces she could not realize or control -- it is a burst of confidence to make positive changes.

Full Blown can spin you 360 degrees or it can take you in another direction. It is a final, beautiful, and very intentional phenomenon. Yet be warned. It creates change-- which ultimately creates friction. The girl takes over and the woman is left to do all of the explaining.

In our experiences, my life was simply a whirlwind of welcomed chaos and her's was quite simply chaotic. But, becoming Full Blown, my friend awoke to realize she was living a half life. She found the strength to reintroduce herself to the world and her world is a far, better place.

You can't put your finger on the symptoms of being Full Blown. They are as varied as the women they invade. But, what is soothing is finding that other women are either going through it with you or have already taken the journey. It is essential to know that you are not alone, not crazy, not ridiculous.

Full blown will give you the freedom to unwind, unload and celebrate this experience. It will welcome you to a world where you are not judged but understood.