The woman is living a half life. Her world is grey. She does not fill the frame of her life. She has not met her own expectations.

Stifled. Depressed. She continues life's duties with a strong front, yet carries the weight of overwhelming self doubt.

Soaked in insecurity, she is drowning in a tide of poor choices and stifled dreams.

The child inside muscles her way out to confront and awaken the soul of the woman.

Energy in the form of light enters soul of the woman. First, a gradual warming that she keeps to herself. It unnerves her and excites her simultaneously. Her response ignites a spark and suddenly she is on fire.

The woman is spun by the energy of the child. The purpose of the turn is to redirect, remind and challenge the woman.

The journey begins. The woman feels her soul opening up. She is filled with energy, self awareness, sexuality and confidence.

It is a second visit to adolescence. She cannot sit still. She is borderline silly. Here, she takes note of her appearance. Her priorities shift to me, me, me with music, hair, makeup and clothes following close behind. She is child-like. Those around her respond to her energy and she is aware of its affect.

The woman realizes she is different. She has become inappropriate. Her world closes in around her. Women bore her. She purposefully separates herself from her crowd and begins to search for others like her. Friends whisper

Defiance. Self righteousness sets in. The woman alienates everyone in her life as she realizes she is being "discussed". She becomes her own best friend. She is selfish, self involved and spinning out of control. This is the time when most mistakes are made. This is the moment when it is crucial to understand the true purpose of the journey. This is where she blames her poor choices on everyone else. This is where she has the potential to ruin her life and the lives of those she shares. And it is here, that I beg her, to realize that this affair is with herself. This is not about that boy she used to know in high school. It is not about her co-worker or the new guy at the gym. This a full blown affair between the woman and the child within. Learn from it, grow from it, make changes for your betterment, but do not destroy the good people around you. This affair with your self will pass and you will be left to pick up the pieces of your own destruction.

Insanity subsides. A calm comes over the woman. Nurturing, purpose and balance beckon her. She has initiated change and is ready to deal with the consequences but she is ready to go home. Her energy shifts from reckless to productive. Tooled with confidence and strength, she trusts her instincts and begins to devise her plan to return to structure.

The woman thanks the child for instigating such an incredible journey. She has no regret. Although now settled, she is different. She is wiser, more self aware and alive. Most importantly, she has reconnected with her original self. This is the beginning of the second journey. A purposeful life filled with talent, wisdom and possibility. Life as a woman who no longer longs to hold on to her youth. Life stance with self appreciation and substance.