I am writing to ask you to take part in a project that deals with the hardships and triumphs of letting go. I realize that what I'm asking for isn't simple. Conjuring up feelings can be difficult, especially when you are forced to simulate emotions that may be scattered, or yet to be tapped. Regardless of the timing, you have a story to tell of significant value, not only for players who will learn from your words and experience, but for any individual faced with the burden of change.

Please take a moment to recollect your emotions and actions upon retirement from the league. It may have been a particular incident that sticks in your mind as a defining moment. Maybe it was a series of events that led to particular actions or decisions. Perhaps you felt apprehension, confusion or resentment. Perhaps you were prepared and transitioned easily. This is not a book about success and failure after the NFL. This is a book about the mind, the heart and the feelings of the player. I am most interested in how you felt right after you finished playing and how you handled those emotions. If your actions, or the actions of others at that time, had a direct effect on how you transitioned to a life without the game.

My motivation is knowing that we can all learn form the experiences that you and your family have been through. That when the book is set down, somebody will stop and think about the magnitude of this change. Maybe, it will humanize the professional athlete a bit more. Maybe, it will prevent a young player from making the same mistakes, or calm the fears of another. Maybe, it will help keep a family together or pave the way to programs that will help prepare players for this change.

You can write in any style that you feel comfortable. You can remain anonymous. You can share a single quote which I have scattered through the first book. Click on the link below to email your story or mail it to 4000 Fox Haven Drive Canfield, OH c/o WTCRO. If you are willing to share your story but are uncomfortable writing, simply send your contact information.

I hope you will consider taking part in the second publication of When the Clock Runs Out.

Cynthia Zordich