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Author is looking for "Full Blown" women 
Women becoming "girls" again are subjects for new book

You all know her. The colleague at work who suddenly glows, who suddenly loses those few extra pounds, who causes the double take. You've all talked about her-- the PTA mom who shows up for the party with extra goodies -- like cleavage? Surely you've said it -- you've clarified it, justified it, called it by name. An affair. She must be having one. It's textbook.

Another man? Perhaps. Another woman? Perhaps. It doesn't matter. Both are mere pawns, according to  author Cynthia Zordich who is developing the concept called Full Blown. "The real affair is taking place within the woman, it's actually an affair with herself.. A "Full Blown" affair, adds Zordich.

"Becoming 'Full Blown' is journey where the child inside the woman emerges to remind, refuel and redirect," says Zordich. "The girl inside muscles her way back into the life of the women in order to awaken the spirit and soul. It is a final burst of indescribable energy."

Her purpose depends greatly on the life of the woman and the choices she has made thus far. For the woman who has deserted her adolescent dreams -- it is a reminder. For the woman who has been stifled all of her life by forces she could not realize or control -- it is a burst of confidence to make changes. "I want to find more women who have experienced this positive change so I can tell their stories in hopes that others will benefit," said Zordich.

Zordich, a photographer by trade, already knew she was "full blown" when her friend had asked her to show her sideline images at his gallery from a recent book she authored, When the Clock Runs Out, a look at NFL players in the autumn of their careers and the struggles they faced by realizing they were about to experience a transition from an entire life of gridiron hero to a life out of the glare of a spotlight.

Tom Mosser of the Mosser Gallery and Studio in Pittsburgh was quite familiar with her black and white player portraits - but life was pulling her work in another direction. "I had stirrings and I wanted to capture them on film. I contacted all of the girls I knew and told them what I wanted. That other side. The side that sneaks up in the middle of your life, in the middle of your meeting, on the sideline at your kid's game," Zordich said.

Full Blown may spin you 360 degrees or it may take you in another direction. It is a final, beautiful, and very intentional phenomenon. Yet be warned -- It creates change -- which ultimately creates friction. The girl takes over and the woman is left to do all of the explaining.

What interests her most is seeing other women go though it and make horrible life choices in the midst of it. "You see them out there and you want to grab them and say, 'Hey, I know what you're going through! Ride it! Enjoy it! But, be smart about it. See it for what it is. It's not about that guy or that old high school boyfriend.  It's about you! Don't mix it up with nonsense. Find it's purpose. Make good choices because it's going to end and then where will you be?'" says Zordich who is no stranger to capturing emotion through the camera lens.

Along with the co-development of her website, Zordich has experimented with translating her own "full blown" experiences into her artwork. Images currently portray high energy, heightened sexuality, freedom, confidence and defiance to name a few.

Visitors are encouraged to share their own Full Blown experiences. Zordich looks at her site as a forum for Full Blown women to unwind, unload and celebrate their experience in a world where they are not judged, but understood.