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THREAD: Connecting women of the NFL

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Cynthia Zordich
The Woman Behind THREAD



NFL Wife and Mom Cynthia Zordich has an extremely busy lifestyle, but Zordich took time out of her busy schedule to talk about her new networking platform THREAD and to give some advice to new NFL wives, girlfriends, and moms!!

How did you get the idea to start this platform for the women of the NFL?

I have been very active with NFL Player Engagement and the Women's Resource Initiative - always pushing to directly connect with league women. One day, it hit me. There are many great resources online, but no true way to connect one-on-one with each other. I knew that what we needed was a private, secure network where current and former league women could connect personally, communicate directly and advertise their businesses. THREAD offers a much needed tool to search for league women (by team, city, roster, name) to connect directly and privately. It also acts as an excellent recruitment tool to attract new members to existing programs, like Off The Field.

What NFL women will make up the THREAD network?

THREAD is a free private social network for NFL wives (current and former), spouses, partners, mothers and daughters of former and current NFL players and coaches.

How did you come up with the name THREAD?

The premise of the project showcases the important role NFL women tackle during and after their league experience: a behind the scenes role that is reflective in the project title: THREAD. If you look at the craftsmanship in making a football - an essential component is the one least talked about. It holds the ball together, yet is hidden in the seams. It is not the leather nor the laces, the markings or the signatures. It is the THREAD. THREAD also refers to lines of communication.

As an NFL wife, what was your biggest fear when watching your husband play?

When you're young, they say ignorance is bliss. So, when my husband was playing, I never worried. I never thought about injuries. I honestly enjoyed the games without thinking about the possibility of injury. We had a huge circle of friends and family with us for each game and that wasn't our nature - we just had a blast.

As an NFL Mom, what was your biggest fear while watching your sons play?

I came to find that when it comes to your children, it is a completely different story. When it comes to your children, you take every breath with them. The trick is not to let them know that you're worried.

What is the one thing you want people to know about THREAD?

THREAD is not just a service; it is a tool. It is designed to blanket league women with a support system as they navigate through the various stages of life during and after their league experience. And the network is just the beginning. Phase two includes an annual magazine to be distributed to incoming league women and existing THREAD members.

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There comes a point in all of our lives when we are sidelined. Many times it is by chance or circumstance and while we cannot determine the whens and whys of such fate, I believe we can control whether or not we remain sidelined, both physically and emotionally. It intrigues me to watch how differently we all handle ourselves on the other side of the line. Some will sit, more will pace and a select few will push the line and contribute in their own way, in a new way, to the game that goes on without them. Sidelined is a temporary state. It is a time of testing. The torture comes in the fact that we are so close to where we want to be- just one mark away from our resolution.

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